Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tube Top Times Two

I've been wearing the hell out of the two tube tops I purchased recently. They've become such a staple that I can't imagine what I did without them!
Anyway, yesterday was on the cool side, so I was able to show off my new high-waist wide-leg trouser jeans. I paired them with, you guessed it, my white tube top, a super light blue cotton moto jacket, an intricate statement necklace and t-strap cork platforms.
I like how the crisp jacket modernizes the bell-bottom-like jeans. The look has an overall simple, clean aesthetic with a little hippie thrown in.
Top: XT, $8 // Jacket:, gift certificate from Weardrobe contest // Jeans: Flying Monkey, $20 // Necklace: Nomads (local shop), $10 // Shoes: Payless

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Outfit On-the-Go

Over the weekend, I threw on this ensemble in a brief window between swimming at the lake and seeing a movie with my sister. It’s nothing spectacular, but it made me ponder the process of deciding what to wear. Sometimes when I really want to look stylish and have some time to get dressed, I’ll stare at my closet forever, try on one combination after another, pore over the details and then feel dissatisfied with the final product. Then there are times like this, when I get dressed in five minutes without thinking about it and find myself pretty pleased with my outfit. 

This same concept carries over to other areas of my life, particularly creative endeavors. When I'm really conscious of something, I tend to over-think it. I'm at my best when I just let things happen. 

Do you ever have this experience? What’s your getting ready process like?
Top: XT, $10 // Skirt: Forever21, $5 // Necklace: Vintage, thrifted, $6 // Sunnies: Envy, $5 // Shoes: Vintage, thrifted, $4 

Monday, July 27, 2009

My New Dress

In preparation for my upcoming move to another apartment, I filtered through my closet and purged an impressive amount of stuff. Most of it was donated, but I took some of the better items to a local buy/sell/trade store. I was planning to be a good girl and just take the cash rather than trading for more clothes, but then I saw this beauty hanging high up on the wall, beaming down at me.
I couldn't resist its rich mustard yellow color and architectural layered panels. I almost didn't get it because it was a bit too big, but I figured it would be easy to alter. Turns out a belt does wonders. If I decide to wear it as a baby doll, I will take it in on the sides.
I love the bright blue exposed zipper so much, I'm seriously considering wearing the dress backwards some time.
Dress: Shu Lami, Arizona Trading Company, $30 // Fedora: Target, $12 // Belt: Vintage, thrifted, $1 // Shoes: Vintage, thrifted, $6

I promised myself I would save it for some kind of occasion, but of course I couldn't wait. I wore it right away for dinner and a drink downtown. I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of it, and next time I'll get some pictures in better lighting!
As you can see, I'm pretty enamored. Do you guys like it as much as I do?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Down to Earth

Can you see me? I seem to be camouflaged by my natural surroundings. I usually don't gravitate toward really earthy tones (or at least don't sport them head-to-toe), but I wore this simple romper, bib necklace and sandals for a casual movie date last night.
Romper: Better B., Envy, $25 // Necklace: Urban, $10 // Sandals: Claire's, $6

Friday, July 24, 2009

Moon Flower

After wearing so much floral this spring and summer, I'm growing a bit tired of it. But, alas, here I am again. After a stint of unseasonably cool temps, the July heat made a triumphant return, so I hacked the hem of a skirt from my Etsy shop that hadn't sold and paired it with a tube top. I thought since the skirt was knit fabric, I could get away with a raw hem. I was wrong. As you can see, it started fraying like crazy, so I might have to actually finish it. Oh well, the scraggly strings along with the fedora covering up my unwashed hair kind of add to the grungy hipster feel of this look. Oh, and sorry for the night picture. Didn't get around to photographing till bedtime!
Top: XT, Britches, $8 // Skirt: Vintage, thrifted, cut // Necklace: Wildman Vintage, $13 // Fedora: Target, $12 // Belt: Vintage, thrifted, ? // Shoes: Urban, $7.50 on super sale

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Laidback Layers

My internet wasn't working this morning, so I couldn't check the forecast before work. Assuming it would continue to be on the cool side, I opted for a cozy layered look. Though I ended up being a bit overdressed for the day, I liked the way it turned out. Especially the the overall looseness and the warm tones of the bronze cardigan, gold necklace and yellow shoes against the black & white stripes.
Shirt (dress): Old Navy, $15 // Cardigan: Michael Stars, gift // Jeans: YMI Premium, TJMaxx, ? // Necklace: Wildman Vintage, $13 // Shoes: Payless

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back by Popular Demand

Well... not really, but people did seem to take a liking to these trousers when I posted them last time. So as not to bore you, I styled them in a completely different way. Thanks to the curiously chilly weather Kansas has been experiencing this past week, I was able to give them a fall makeover. I like the Victorian/Gothic feel of the lace, necklace and lace-up boots and the boyish quality of the trousers thrown into the mix. I don't usually wear this much black without breaking it up a bit, but I guess the dreary weather possessed me. This look definitely feels less like my style than the other trouser outfit, but sometimes it's fun to experiment.
Shirt: F21, Goodwill, $6 // Pants: Vintage, thrifted, $1 // Necklace: Urban, $10 // Belt: Vintage, thrifted, $1 // Shoes: Payless

Monday, July 20, 2009

At Last

I finally found the romper I've been looking for. Soft knit fabric. Ideal for the summer heat, but not too skimpy. Cinches at the natural waist. And, to top it all off, it has an adorable bow detail! I kept this look super simple with an edgy studded belt to tone down the cutesy factor and cuffed suede ankle boots.
Romper: Britches, $20 // Belt: Thrifted, $9 // Boots: Urban, $25

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Designer Duds

As you probably already know, I'm not the kind of girl who cares about designers and labels. I can't afford to care, and I think anyone can have great style on a budget. Nonetheless, my heart went pitter patter when I found these Versace Jeans Couture turquoise skinnies secondhand. I intended to sell them in my Etsy shop, and I think I still will. But I wanted to wear them once before I did! I paired them with a new tube top, a statement bib necklace and simple gladiators.
Tube top: Britches, $8 // Jeans: Versace Jeans Couture // Necklace: Urban Outfitters, $10 // Clutch: alice + olivia for Payless // Shoes: Payless

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Making it Work in Mom Pants

These thrifted "Mom" khakis aren't exactly the chic high-waisted skinny trousers of my dreams, but they're definitely on the right track. If they were just a bit narrower and more fitted in the back, they'd be perfect. Perhaps I'll get them tailored, which I have never done!

I tried to minimize the frump factor with a tube top (which is actually an old leotard that I went after with scissors) and some platform wedges. The top doesn't stay up at all. I should probably find a legitimate tube top rather than trying to DIY.

Despite its shortcomings, I'm loving this leggy look.
Top: Thrifted leotard, $2 // Pants: Vintage, thrifted, $1 // Necklace: Vintage, thrifted, $4 // Belt: Vintage, thrifted, $1 // Shoes: alice + olivia for Payless
Wow! An $8 look. That might be a first. (The shoes were a sample from work).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Late Anniversary Date

My boyfriend and I forgot about our anniversary for the second year in a row. I guess that's what happens when you've been together for a really long time. It also doesn't help that we don't have a specific date (since we're not married), just a general time frame. We figured that since June is our anniversary month, July isn't too late to celebrate, so we commemorated our seventh year together by going to the AMC Mainstreet Theater in downtown Kansas City for a movie. The venue is a recently renovated historic theater. You sit in comfy leather recliners, a waiter serves you food and drinks and the feature presentation is digital. We had a lovely time.
I was happy to have an occasion to wear this cute new dress from Forever21.
My favorite part is the knotted strap design in the back.

Dress: F21, $23 // Necklace: Wildman Vintage, $13 // Handbag: Mary Jane Bags, gift // Shoes: Abaete for Payless

Thursday, July 9, 2009

In Full Bloom

I didn't find much while thrifting today, but there was one standout item: this crazy flower sweater tank. I was really drawn to its quirkiness, the three-dimensionality and random asymmetry of it. If not for the manufacturer's label, I would have thought it was the original work of an eccentric knitter. Though it's sweater fabric, the holes make it breezy enough for the July heat. I paired it with my risque short shorts that only make an appearance when it's really, really hot. Because the shirt has so much going on, I kept accessories minimal. I thought the bow headband played up the whimsy of this look. Also, I got a long overdue haircut today. It's not much different, but I just love the fresh, confident feeling that follows a trip to the stylist.
Top: Mi, Social Service League, $1 // Shorts: Younique, TJMaxx, $15 // Headband: DIY // Wicker handbag: Gift // Shoes: Vintage, thrifted, $6

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Retro Romance

While thrifting yesterday, I stumbled upon a beautiful pair of Pour La Victoire navy and white peep-toe booties and a darling structured vintage handbag. I knew I wanted to build a ladylike retro-inspired outfit around these items. This ruffly pink silk wrap blouse is perhaps the girliest item in my closet, so it was a great starting point. I layered it over a breezy strapless sundress and added a couple of simple accessories. After work, for a cooler, more casual look, I lost the shirt but kept its belt (worn backwards to show the cool details). I love how new accessories can give life to old clothes.
Blouse: Rebecca Taylor, Arizona Trading Company, $22 // Dress: Gap, $10 // Handbag: Vintage, thrifted, $2.50 // Flower headband: DIY // Shoes: Pour La Victoire, thrifted, $6

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

Usually the Fourth isn't really my thing, but this year I celebrated wholeheartedly. I sported my best all-American get-up, enjoyed the city fireworks display and saw my favorite Kansas band, aptly named Fourth of July.
Dress: F21, $18 // Scarf: Vintage, gift // Necklace (worn as bracelet): Vintage, Antique Mall, $6 // Shoes: Payless

Friday, July 3, 2009

1918 Vintage Discount

Kansas City-based 1918 Vintage is offering Kansas Couture readers a 20% discount! Just enter coupon code KANSAS at checkout now through July 15th. They offer an amazing selection of distinctive vintage dresses, rompers and more! CHECK THEM OUT.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer at the Office

Just a simple work outfit featuring a ruffled tank, gold satin mini and gladiator sandals. Looking forward to the holiday!
Top: Old Navy, $10 // Skirt: F21, $15 // Belt: Goodwill, $1 // Necklace: Wildman Vintage, $13 // Bangle: Payless // Shoes: Payless

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Basic Meets Bold

Daytime/evening hybrids seem to be the theme of the week, huh? I love the contrast of the comfy casual t-shirt and the glitzy sequin mini.
Shirt: Urban, $10 // Skirt: Express, TJMaxx, $12 // Necklace: Wildman Vintage, $13 // Belt: Vintage, thrifted, $1 // Shoes: Old Navy, $20