Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here Comes the Jackpot Question in Advance...

What are you WEARING New Year's Eve?

So New Year's Eve is upon us. This is typically a holiday I don't get very pumped about; it's just not one of my favorites. That can be a good thing, however, because low expectations often lead to a surprisingly good time! I have a really fun evening planned, so I suppose I am more excited than usual this year.

Naturally, the aspect of the holiday I most enjoy is getting all gussied up. This year, I vowed not to buy anything new. I always deem it necessary to purchase new items for special occasions. It's always fun to debut something for the first time, but I knew I could find something that would work in my closet. It would be a fun challenge if nothing else.

After playing around with some options, I still haven't made my final decision. I've narrowed it down to four possibilities:

1. A bright red vintage dress that makes me feel like Jessica Rabbit at a disco. It's an item from my Etsy shop that never sold. For some reason I didn't recognize till now how cool it is!

2. A golden-colored velvet cocktail dress that I've only worn once.

3. A black sequin shirt and black sequin mini that together sort of resemble a dress.

4. A fancy top with liquid leggings. This is my most practical option. With single-digit temperatures forecasted for the night, a slinky party dress sounds painful.

What are you going to wear?

Top 10 of 2009

I've really enjoyed seeing others' top ten lists, so here are my favorite looks of the year.
(In no particular order...)

Two observations: Firstly, I found myself heavily biased toward good images. Honestly, certain outfits probably would have made the cut had the lighting been better, which serves as an excellent reminder of the importance of image quality. Secondly, I don't have short hair in any of these pictures, which means none of them are very recent. I need to step it up in the new year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Accessorize Giveaway!

To kick off the New Year, I would like to share some of the goods so generously bestowed upon me by Accessorize, a British company that recently introduced shipping to the U.S. One winner will receive four necklaces, a cocktail ring, a large bag, a sequined coin purse and a scarf. To enter, use the comment section of this post to tell me your favorite type of accessory. A winner will be chosen at random on New Year's Day. Obviously this is a very short giveaway, so don't delay!

UPDATE: Sorry for not mentioning this earlier, but I'm shipping this package personally and would like to invite international readers to enter.

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Loot

Shirt: Vintage, thrifted, $1 // Cardi: Courtesy of Fossil // Shorts: TJMaxx, $13 // Leggings: Target, $5 // Shoes: F21, gift

As you probably already know, I don't really pay attention to designer fashion, but I fell hard for these Chloe boots when I saw them on other blogs.

Image from

I requested a slightly reminiscent pair for Christmas (these from Forever21) and couldn't wait to build an outfit around them. In keeping with the sporty feel of the booties, I went for a tomboyish look.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Very White Christmas!

Sorry for my lack of posting this week. Snow began to fall on Christmas Eve and didn't quit! I got snowed in at my parents' house sans camera cord, laptop and fast internet. It was a very fun couple of days filled with games, movies, good food and good people. I hope everyone else had a merry, magical Christmas!

Giveaway and Free Shipping!

Check out this fellow Kansas blogger and talented jewelry artist, Ruby Mines. She's doing a giveaway right now for the lovely necklace above and has also offered FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING for items in her Etsy shop to Kansas Couture readers. Just send her a message through Etsy.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All Tuckered Out

Dress: Prototype via TJMaxx, $10 // Belt: Vintage, thrifted, $1 // Tights: HUE via TJMaxx, $5 // Shoes: Payless // Necklace: Courtesy of Accessorize

I woke up feeling sick and thought getting dressed would make me feel better. It did help a little bit, but the wrinkles in my dress, leggings showing through my tights and tired eyes are a good indication of how I'm really feeling.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Apples & Oranges

Sweater: Gap, $28 // Leggings: Active & Basic via TJMaxx, $8 // Belt: F21, $3.50 // Coat: Silvana Cirri via TJMaxx, $45 // Bracelet: F21, $8 // Ring: Courtesy of Accessorize // Shoes: Payless

Your comments last time I wore this sweater made me feel better, so I gave it another go. This time, I wore it belted over denim leggings. I decided my other denim leggings were too much like jeans and not enough like leggings, so I got this pair and have barely taken them off since I got them. So comfortable, so easy to wear, and they look good too. The orange coat is an old favorite I haven't worn for awhile.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Aviator

Shirt: Kavu via local bike shop, $23 // Trousers: Vintage, thrifted, $4 // Shoes: Pour La Victoire via Goodwill, $6 // Necklace: Courtesy of Accessorize

My boss said I looked like Amelia Earhart in this outfit. That's not necessarily what I had in mind when I got dressed, but I'll take it. Happy Weekend!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Curly Sue

Dress Anna Sui for Target, $11 // Belt: Vintage, thrifted, $1 // Tights: TJMaxx, $4 // Boots: Courtesy of BC Footwear (Weardrobe Conference) // Ring: Courtesy of Accessorize

When I decided to get a bob, I knew I wanted to wear it wavy sometimes, and today I took my first stab at it. Though I'm not very well-versed with a curling iron, and the one I have is really crappy, I was encouraged by the results. I'll have to keep practicing!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hot Chocolate

It kind of goes with out saying, but here's another reason I love the season: it's a great excuse to drink cup after cup of this delectable liquid confection. My seasonal beverage regimen progresses roughly as follows: hot cider and chai lattes in the fall, hot chocolate and egg nog during winter and margaritas and grapefruit fizzies (a bit of grapefruit juice + soda water) in the warmer months. And, of course, good coffee and beer all year long.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Inconspicuous Layering

Dress: Behnaz Sarafpour for Target via Buffalo Exchange, $12.50 // Sweater: Rampage, secondhand, $10 // Tights: Target, $5 // Necklace: Fred Flare // Shoes: Payless

The local weather forecast this morning informed me that the current temperature was nine degrees and proceeded to use the word "arctic" in the description that followed. Dilemma: I can't wear jeans to work, have very few stylish alternatives and don't want to freeze. I decided to put my faith in layering and wore tights over a pair of leggings and socks and a sleeveless dress over a wool sweater. The result? I was warm enough and looked surprisingly un-layered... not that I don't love the layered look. 

Spicy Scented Candle

Another Christmas time favorite. I'm not a fan of sickly sweet smells like air freshener, musky perfume or most scented candles, but this one is spicy and subtle. Ever since studying Proust in college, I like to ponder the power of aroma. I suppose scented candles are a fabricated smell, but they still evoke a feeling.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Jacket: Vintage, thrifted, $12 // Sweater: Vintage, thrifted, $3 // Jeans: Guess via TJMaxx, $28 // Boots: Vintage, thrifted, $6

When I first got dressed today, I felt like a hippie / cowgirl hybrid with my big, bell-sleeved sweater and skinny jeans with Western boots. Once I ventured outdoors, I piled on more items in an attempt to stay warm and became a hodgepodge of style.


Cleaned Up

Sweater: Gap, $30 // Leggings: Target, $6 // Socks: Target, $5 // Boots: Vintage, $16 // Necklace and ring: Courtesy of

After my ode to comfort on Wednesday, this is what I wore to work on Thursday. Still warm and cozy, but a little more put-together. This is one of those outfits that I thought was really great when I wore it but don't really like it after looking back at pictures. Oh well, I felt good when I wore it, which is all that matters I suppose.

I bought this sweater on sale at Gap recently without even trying it on because I thought it was exactly what I wanted: neutral, loose-fitting, long enough to wear over leggings. Once I got it home and gave it a test drive, however, I was perplexed by the fit, particularly the enormous neck cuff. I'm not opposed to the boldness of it, but it just gets in the way! I ended up rolling it in half, which just doesn't look right.

The redeeming factor of this ensemble? The incredible jewelry, of course! Like Indiana, I too received a very generous package from Accessorize and agree with her that a giveaway is in order! Watch out for one in the next couple of days.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Time

I don't care how many times it's played on TV, I love "Elf" and Zooey Deschanel's pretty singing voice.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why I Love Christmas Time

My attempt at tiny apartment decorations:

I fully realize that my little tree's branches aren't long enough to accommodate tinsel, but I wanted to use it anyway! The tree has actually become somewhat of a running joke ever since my boyfriend pointed out that the stockings are larger than the tree... The best part? Igby's reaction when I first put it up:

Why I Love Christmas Time

Since I neglected to put up my Christmasy post yesterday, there will be two today. First, this picture of my grandmother (on the right). I'm not sure what year it's from, but just look at those hairstyles, that tinsel! It's by far one of my favorite old pictures. So magical.

Another Christmas post and a belated outfit photo from Thursday to come!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why I Love Christmas Time

As I've mentioned, I'm a sucker for all things Christmas, so every day (from now till the holiday), I'm going to share something I love about this time of year. First up, the annual old-fashioned Christmas horse parade in my hometown.

If I may point out, this picture contains: two miniature horses pulling a charming carriage, an old couple wearing old-fashioned garb and (if you look closely) a sleeping puppy in a basket. Cute overload!

Corridor 40 Feature

A big thank you to Corridor 40, a blog about fashion and culture in the heartland, for doing a feature on me! Check out my interview and browse their site here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Coat: Delia's, $50 // Sweater: Thrifted, $8 // Jeans: Courtesy of Fossil // Hat: NYC street vendor, $10ish // Boots: Thrifted, $4

While I've really enjoyed recent pictures of bloggers looking chic against snowy backdrops, the bitterly cold weather prompted me to wear the exact same (not so chic) outfit two days in a row: my plaid peacoat, a sweater I bought for an ugly sweater party that I secretly like, jeans, knee-high wellies and my furry hat. Ridiculous? A little. Warm and cozy? Most definitely.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who Loves the Sun

 Turtleneck: Take Out via TJMaxx, $10 // Cardigan: Pretty Good via TJMaxx, $13 // Jeans: Guess via TJMaxx, $28 // Boots: Vintage, $16 // Necklace: Fred Flare

This sun-drenched picture was taken over the weekend. At the moment, it's dark, grey and sleeting outside. I have to admit that I'm liking the nasty weather. It's a great excuse to get cozy and festive. As for the outfit, it's pretty simple, but there are a couple of elements I really like about it. For one, my new drapey cardigan. Its voluminous shape makes my oversize cardigans from last year look entirely unappealing. Also, I'm really digging the turtleneck with the short hair (which is rather windblown in this shot).

Monday, December 7, 2009

The New Do

Well, here's my haircut! I hope you like it. My stylist said she cut off about 11"!

Countdown to the Cut: 1


I had neither the patience nor equipment to pull this one off, which provides a nice segue to what I want to say about my relationship with hair. Several of you have made a great point: showcasing all these styles is going to make me want to keep my long hair! Well, I already cut it, and I have no regrets! You see, I'm not a "hair person" at all. I feel like I don't have the skills or desire to do a lot with my hair in terms of styling, so a low-maintenance, no-fuss haircut is perfect for me! Though long hair provides endless possibilities, I very rarely took advantage of them. As my stylist was cutting my hair, I felt no sense of panic or attachment whatsoever. This little countdown was just a last hurrah with the long hair. Stay tuned, the new cut will makes its debut this afternoon.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Countdown to the Cut: 4


Feeling Festive

Dress: Local shop, $23 // Necklace: Fred Flare // Boots: Vintage, $16

This ensemble felt sort of Christmasy, which is a good thing because I'm a total Christmas geek! I love the music, the gift-giving, the cheesy movies... all of it! I have some Christmas posts in the works. Two final thoughts: Navy tights are my new best friend, and sorry for the horrible, shadowy indoor photo.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Countdown to the Cut: 5


The People Have Spoken

A big thank you to everyone who voted in my haircut poll awhile back. I didn't tell you guys this, but I had resolved to do whatever the votes dictated. The current tally is 77% yes and 23% no, so the hair has got to go! The votes stayed at about 80% vs. 20% (give or take a few percentage points) throughout the polling process. I'm glad there was a solid, steady majority (feels nice and scientific). Also, I found myself very excited that the winning answer was yes, which makes me confident that this is what I truly want. So... to build anticipation for the cut and to bid a fond farewell to my long locks, I'm going to do a countdown with five different hairstyles and then reveal the new look on Monday.

A Pleasant Rediscovery

Shirt: Target // Skirt: Ann Taylor, thrifted, $3 // Shoes: Payless

While digging through an overflowing dresser drawer the other day, I was excited to unearth this skirt. I think I only wore it once or twice and had since forgotten about it. It's a great winter work skirt: thick, woolly and plaid. Looking back at this photo, I wish I had worn different shoes... maybe brown ones. Oh well, live and learn. Thank you to my coworker for taking my picture at work. (I've never done that before!)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Like Birds of a Feather

Jacket: Old Navy via Goodwill, $6 // Shirt: Love Rocks via TJMaxx, $13 // Jeans: Guess via TJMaxx, $28 // Boots: Vintage, thrifted, $22

This paisley corduroy jacket I thrifted awhile back is just meant to be paired with golden yellow. The only other time I've worn it was with some nice sunny tights, and the color combo couldn't help but come together again.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Variations on a Theme

Shirt: Alice + Olivia, thrifted, $10 // Jacket: Vintage, thrifted, $12 // Jeans: Guess via TJMaxx, $28 // Shoes: Kenneth Cole, thrifted, $3 // Bracelet: Forever 21, $8

I didn't document much of it on the blog, but for about a week, I wore several versions of the this outfit. Most of the looks incorporated some plaid, this slouchy red knit hat (or another hat) and the two-tone oxfords, with an overall color palette of red, blue, brown and gold. It wasn't intentional; it just felt right at the time. Do you ever focus on a few specific items or even just one piece for blocks of time? I do that a lot. It's like I come up with one ensemble I like and then just keep milking it.