Monday, August 31, 2009

Arctic August

Now that's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one! Okay, it's not arctic. I was hyperbolic for alliteration's sake. It's actually delightfully mild with a crisp breeze. The end of August is usually when I'm desperately pining for sweaters, tights, scarves and boots, but it's still sweltering outside, so I wear uninspired summer garb till fall actually rolls around. Now that my perpetual wish for an early autumn has finally come true, I'm not quite sure what to do! I usually have more prep time. Today I kept it simple with my coziest, cocoon-like cardigan and neutrals head-to-toe.
Cardigan: Vintage, thrifted, $6 // Blouse: UO, $10 // Jeans: UO, $30 // Oxfords: UO, $10

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rock Your Socks Off

Recently Linda over at Struggles of a Creative Mind challenged me to sport a JCrew-inspired ensemble featuring bright socks! I don't have any neon socks, so I kind of cheated with this burgundy pair. Drawing inspiration from the JCrew photos, I put together a ruffly blouse, structured blazer, distressed denim, dainty peep-toes and of course the socks. I think I like the outfit with white socks better. What do you guys think?

Thanks for thinking of me, Linda. It was fun! If I acquire any neon socks, I will definitely put together another look.
Blouse: Rebecca Taylor, thrifted, $23 // Blazer: Vintage Levi's, thrifted, $1.50 // Jeans: Almost Famous, TJMaxx, $20 // Shoes: Lela Rose for Payless

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kansas Couture for 1918 Vintage

The fabulous Meg of 1918 Vintage recently invited me to model for her Fall Lookbook and Collection. I jumped at the chance and am so glad I did. It was a lovely experience, and the shop looks great! Below are some of my favorite photos from the shoot.
photo by Emily Hunt
photo by Emily Hunt

Photo by Emily Hunt

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Kidding

Top: F21, thrifted, $6 // Jeans: ZCo, TJMaxx, $18 // Shoes: Pour La Victoire, thrifted, $6 // Necklaces: Vintage, thrifted
          Okay, I fully intended to remix the pink wrap skirt from Monday, but I found Tuesday morning that the raw hem had begun to fray, and I didn't think that would look very professional. Man, I really need to get my finicky sewing machine in working order. Or, even better, I should invest in some of this fabric glue I've read about. Being a not-so-patient seamstress and a general lover of shortcuts, it sounds right up my alley!
          Though my outfit inspiration was dashed by the disagreeable hem, I was granted a new muse when I went thrifting after work: this Forever 21 polka dot chiffon blouse. It's way too big for me in the best way possible. I loved wearing it today as a big, drapey top over cigarette jeans and also look forward to sporting it as a little cocktail dress.
          I had the morning from hell but felt great in this outfit and got more than one compliment on my shoes. Then I came home from work to find a fat check (apparently it pays off to be stupid and overpay your rent) and a Mad Men DVD (shhhh, since I don't have a TV or cable, I'm still on Season 2) in my mailbox. With the blogosphere all abuzz about Season 3, I'm really excited to get caught up!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Girly Movie Geek

          This past weekend I spent both nights doing one of my absolute favorite activities: going to the movies. It doesn't hurt that Liberty Hall -- an amazing indie theater that serves beer -- is in walking distance of my house.
          Friday night I went to a midnight showing of Pulp Fiction on 35mm. Though it wasn't my first time, it's so fun to see a classic like that on the big screen. No matter how many times I watch it, it'll never get old.
          Saturday night I finally got around to seeing 500 Days of Summer. I found it to be a sweet, funny modern love story with lots of great style to take in. Of course everyone is rightly focused on Zooey, but I was just as excited by her male counterpart's look with his slim-fitting suits, skinny ties and buttoned up cardigans. So cute! It made me even more eager for fall. The lovely Miss Deschanel's waist-cinching vintage dresses, playful ponytails and delicate feminine touches put me in a very girly mood in terms of style.
          I tried to channel that with today's look by pairing this ruffled one-shoulder blouse with a high-waist A-line wrap skirt. A pair of nude slingbacks, some goldtone chandelier earrings and a braided cuff bracelet complete the look. The skirt has been in my Etsy shop for months, and I figured if no one else was going to snatch it up, I would! I hacked off 6" to make it a little more modern and am really happy with the result. In fact, I think I may have to remix it for work tomorrow. Stay tuned!
Shirt: Old Navy, $6 // Skirt: Vintage, thrifted // Earrings & Bracelet: Payless // Shoes: Lela Rose for Payless

Friday, August 21, 2009

Kate the Great

I took advantage of a cool evening by mixing some fall and summer pieces. This faux leather jacket is the first piece I've purchased with autumn in mind. Because I have a hard time finding good jackets that aren't too pricey, I was super excited to discover this little number in the Target kids' section! I paired it with some short denim cut-offs, a white cotton shirt and laceless oxfords. The overall look made me feel a little like Miss Moss. In attitude at least. Sorry for the night picture! I figured it was better than nothing.
Shirt: Old Navy, $10 // Jacket: Target, $25 // Shorts: ? // Shoes: Pour La Victoire, $20 // Bag: Abaete for Payless

Thursday, August 20, 2009

And the Winner Is....

Using a random number generator, I landed on comment #16 from Elisabeth as the winner!

Congratulations, Elisabeth! Please contact me as soon as possible at kathryn dot seibel at gmail dot com to claim your prize! Thanks to all who entered!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Such a Rebel

I wore what I consider an unspectacular outfit to work today. My co-worker said she liked it but would never think to wear these items together. I believe any combination of neutrals works -- black, white, grey, navy, brown, tan and so on. She was surprised and asked how I know and keep track of these rules. I thought about it and told her to just break all the rules. In this case, the outdated dictums that say you can't wear black and brown together or black and navy or even red and pink (but that gets us into colorful territory). Maybe I'm just a mismatched rebel, but I tend to ignore most "rules of fashion." Petite women shouldn't wear large jewelry or prints... No hosiery with open toes... Always match your belt to your shoes. What are your thoughts on the matter of mixing neutrals, my fellow fashion-forward friends? Any rules you always stand by or love to break?
Dress: Old Navy, $8 // Cardigan: H&M, $10 // Necklace: Vintage, thrifted, $4 // Shoes: Payless

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Bold Shoulder

For today's office ensemble, I pulled out this houndstooth blazer from last year that's just a bit too big for me. The puffed shoulders used to bother me because I thought they accentuated that fact. But now I love them! Everyone's saying the big shoulder is back. While you probably won't see me sporting any huge '80s shoulder pads or dramatically geometric silhouettes, a little broadness in the shoulder looks really chic right now.
Blazer: F21, $10 // Shirt: F21, $13 // Skirt: F21, $14 // Scarf: Vintage, thrifted, $6 // Shoes: Payless

Monday, August 17, 2009

Old Made New

While attempting to reorganize my closet this morning, I came across this printed jersey tunic. I haven't worn it in ages, and in the past I've always paired it with jeans and a belt around the natural waist. Realizing that it's the perfect legging length, I threw it over my liquid leggings, which also haven't made an appearance in a long, long time. I don't know if they're even "in" anymore, but I love the reactions I get when I wear them. It wasn't terribly hot today, and I have fall on the mind, so I finished the look with some moccasin booties.
Top: Love Notes, TJMaxx, $13 // Leggings: F21, gift // Shoes: Payless sample

Saturday, August 15, 2009

When In Doubt, Wear Sequins

I could not, for the life of me, manage to get dressed last night before going out. Usually I don't require much time to get gussied up for the evening, and when I have a plan to meet someone, I'm out the door on time. Even after delaying dinner with my sister, I just could not find an outfit that satisfied me. I felt like a cartoon character as I scurried around my room, the mountain of rejected garments growing larger and larger on my bed. Funny that in that last-minute crunch, I did not fall back on a trusty favorite or throw on something simple and understated. No, I wore a sequin vest. Makes a lot of sense.
Sequin shirt/vest: Vintage, thrifted // Oversize tee: UO, $10 // Jeans: Almost Famous, $20 // Satin flats: Lela Rose for Payless

Thursday, August 13, 2009

One of the Guys

The menswear trend has been going strong for awhile now. The last several seasons? Since Annie Hall?? Since women started wearing pants??? Anyway... I like the style but haven't personally sported it very much.

Today I felt like mixing it up (translation: I was haphazardly grabbing things in the rush before work) by putting a menswear spin on the good old high-waist trousers I've come to love. Feeling like quite the dandy, I had a strong urge to carry a pipe or briefcase as an accessory. In lieu of anything gentlemanly, I skipped accessories altogether.

Despite the boyish undertone, I thought the waist-defining silhouette and bold pop of color in the ruffled shirt added just the right dose of femininity.

My co-workers pointed out that I never, ever wear slacks -- most people's 9 to 5 standby -- to work. I think I'm such a jeans person that when they're forbidden, my mind jumps to skirts and dresses. Denim is the only variety of pant that means anything to me I suppose. Interesting how work wardrobe guidelines can affect your style. As a matter of fact, one of the main reasons I got into fashion was a high school job that required me to dress up. Here's to business casual!
Top: Richard Chai for Target, $16 // Pants: Vintage, thrifted, $1 // Shoes: Payless, sample

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Working It

Today's look felt delightfully feminine, totally retro and office-appropriate to boot. The shirt dress is a recent thrift store snag. I probably would have breezed right past it at full price but picked it up for $5 (without much excitement) thinking it would be good for work. I was pleasantly surprised after trying it on. The subtle but fun print, ruffled hem and cinched waist won me over right away. In keeping with the vintage theme, I pinned some old brooches to a gold chain. The purple peep-toe oxfords are from last fall but still feel fresh. Finally, a tailored yellow blazer added some color and warmth in the chilly air conditioning.
Dress: F21, thrifted, $5 // Jacket: My Michelle, thrifted, $6 // Necklace: Vintage, gifts // Shoes: Payless

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Lack of Color

I went for an oh-so-neutral look today with the help of a couple new items -- this slouchy striped tee and these alice + olivia for Payless platform wedge sandals. I love soft, roomy pieces because they encourage me to stray from structure (to which I'm naturally inclined). And I love the huge platforms on these puppies because they look cool and super high but actually make the shoes more comfortable.
Shirt: Julie's Closet, TJMaxx, $10 // Skirt: F21, $6 // Necklace: Vintage, thrifted, $4 // Shoes: alice + olivia for Payless, $20

Friday, August 7, 2009

Good As New

I have an annoying tendency -- I seem to assign value to clothes based on newness. I am always excited to wear new things immediately, even if they don't end up being longtime favorites. For instance, I wore this slouchy striped tee (after taking some scissors to it) and these menswear oxfords as soon as I brought them home from the thrift store yesterday. I don't even know if I like the shoes, but they were only $3, and I knew I'd wear them at least once. I suppose as long as I confine impulse buys to thrift stores, it won't put too much of a strain on the wallet. Oh, and don't mind that ghostly aura next to me.
Tee: Vintage, thrifted, $2 // Jeans: Almost Famous, TJMaxx, $20 // Shoes: Kenneth Cole, thrifted, $3

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lonely Hearts // GIVEAWAY!

I've really been digging the marching band / military trend in jackets, especially now that fall is just around the corner.
Top: Tiered ruffle skirt, Target, $6 // Shorts: Old, not sure! // Jacket: H&M, $16 // Necklaces: Payless and Vintage // Shoes: alice+olivia for Payless

That's why I'm super excited to give away this BB Dakota Battalion Jacket courtesy of!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

All the Kansans out there are cursing me right now for reinforcing the obnoxious habit of over-referencing the Wizard of Oz. "Oh, you're from Kansas? Have you ever met Dorothy?" It's one of the only associations many people have about the great Sunflower State. While I'd love to rectify that, the darling gingham fabric of this blouse gave me no choice.

I'm still living out of boxes and only squeezed in four hours of sleep, so I was a little bleary-eyed and disjointed when I tossed on this outfit before work. Not my best work, but not half bad considering. I just love the ruffly, bib-like detail and the yellow shoes with the sky blue. So sunny and sweet. So Kansas.
Blouse: Urban, $7.50 // Kieu's, $28 // Necklace & Shoes: Payless

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hammer Time

These balloony trousers resurfaced during my recent move. I've had them for months but never wear them. While fabulous in theory, they have a litany of problems. They're intolerably unflattering from behind (I didn't show you on purpose). They are made from a starchy fabric that bunches in weird ways. They attract lint like nobody's business. (I made the mistake of going bath mat shopping in them!) Anyway, you get the idea. Despite their multitudinous issues, I felt good in them today.
Top: Express, TJMaxx, $12 // Pants: H&M, $10 // Necklace: Wildman Vintage, $13 // Belt: Vintage, thrifted, $1 // Bag: Thrifted, $4

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you SO much to Krystal of This Time Tomorrow and Kelly of Lions, Tigers & Fashion Oh My! for giving me the Kreativ Blogger Award. Sorry it took me so long to accept!

Here are 7 things about myself:

1. My true love is coffee, not clothing.

2. I'm not sure what I want to be when I "grow up." I graduated with a degree in English (with an emphasis in Creative Writing) and now work as a copywriter but have yet to settle on a definite path. Fashion...? Maybe?

3. I'm open-minded when it comes to relationships, but I'm still dating my first boyfriend.

4. When I was in junior high, my go-to outfit was baggy Dickies cut-offs with a wallet chain, a wifebeater and Rod Laver tennis shoes. I also went through a phase in high school in which I only wore black t-shirts.

5. I adore small ugly dogs like French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, etc. and can't wait to get one of my own.

6. I was a Film Studies minor and love watching movies. I don't have a favorite, but here are a few: Harold & Maude, Rushmore, Royal Tenenbaums, Darjeeling Limited, Adaptation, Margot at the Wedding, Fargo and countless more. I also adore the show Mad Men.

7. Here's a totally random sampling of a few more things I love: candy, citrus fruit (especially grapefruit), good beer, word games, big cities, ginger, hot tea, blue cheese.

I'm supposed to nominate 7 bloggers, but I accidentally made a list of 8 and didn't want to take anyone away!

Between Laundry Days
Struggles of a Creative Mind
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Now it's up to you to share 7 interesting facts about yourself and pass the award on to 7 more bloggers. Have fun!