Monday, September 22, 2008

About This Blog

Because writing and fashion are my central modes of creative expression, I thought a blog would be an opportune way to combine them. I don't claim to be an expert on the latest trends. This is simply a forum to share with readers what interests me at the moment in the world of fashion.

To me, it’s not all about fashion mags and runway shows. I derive inspiration from the people I see every day. But of course, like anyone, I am affected by the movements of the fashion industry. Fashion spreads across continents, travels back and forth through decades, and is driven by borrowing and reinventing. To recognize the industry as an undeniable source of influence, I’ve decided to structure each post as follows: focusing on a particular element, I will show a look or multiple looks I have created using this element and an example of something similar from the runway. This structure is meant to demonstrate how fashion can be derived, translated, and personalized.

Hopefully this blog, like fashion, will grow and change. In the future, I anticipate including photographs of the many fashionable people who inhabit the delightfully artistic community of Lawrence, Kansas. Everyone knows that Kansas is far from any of the world’s fashion centers, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening here. Above all, as a Kansas native, I seek to convey a Midwestern perspective on fashion.