Monday, October 27, 2008

Clad in Plaid

This classic print can lend prep school charm or punky edge.

Paired with skinny jeans, black ankle boots and a studded belt, this wool peacoat in bold red plaid feels grunge-era cool. The oversize funnel neck collar adds warmth and style on crisp fall days.

This plaid button-up paired with black skinny jeans and black oxford booties has attitude, but the necktie adds just enough feminine charm.

This vintage Burberryesque jacket is clearly meant for a young boy: it buttons the wrong way, and the sleeves are way too short. Paired with trouser-style jeans and a golden Pashmina, however, there is nothing juvenile about it. This look has an air of preppy sophistication.

This plaid wool skirt adds interest to a business casual look. Together with a juicy sweater, gold braided belt and floppy felt hat, it captures the romance of autumn.

On the Runway: D&G Fall 2008 RTW. Image source:

On the Runway: D&G Fall 2008 RTW. Image source:


Anastasia said...

My, my! What a splendid golden Pashmina!

Anson the Ornery said...

I like plaid on cowboy shirt but is seems that plaid on flannel is just bad. (Though the Grunge look hit Paris runway awhile back. With no luck. Too Soon!) Why do you think that plaid fails with heavier fabrics?

Unknown said...
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