Monday, November 10, 2008

My Three Favorite Shoe Trends

1. The Fringed Boot 

Don't be afraid to flaunt some fringe. Pair moc-style boots with a look that isn't too bohemian. Rather than a flowy dress, go for structure or edgy minimalism.

On the Runway: Gucci Fall 2008 RTW. Image source:

2. The Gladiator 

The trend that refuses to go away. Wear them now with tights and keep on sporting them through spring. Because they have an edgy feel, I like to pair mine with softer fabrics and floral prints.

On the Runway: Versace Fall 2008 RTW. Image Source:

3. The Hybrid Boot
 Not quite a shoe, not quite a boot. Hybrid styles make it easy to feel sleek even when it's cold.

The oxford bootie falls into the hybrid camp and incorporates menswear inspiration.

On the Runway
: Louise Goldin Fall 2008 RTW. Image source:


annie h. said...

hey katy, my name's annie-- i believe we've been introduced before, but i haven't seen you in awhile. anyway, just saw your style scout piece in and had to check out your blog. i love fashion blogs and am totally enthralled that you've started one to highlight kansas-area fashion. your site looks great; i'll definitely be a reader from now on. keep up the great work!

CRDonnelly said...

Hey darling, sister blog looks...better than its non-existent sister! ha!

I didn't know you had those beautiful glads...wear them more!

Knee-high mocs would look great with an uber-short mini dress or a shorts-jumper, too.

Kansas Couture said...

Hi Annie,

Thanks for checking out my blog and for the kind words. If you ever have any suggestions/ideas for improving the blog, let me know.

See you around!


Robot Rock said...

The hybrid boot/shoe would make my toes cold!