Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Nod to Mod

Channeling '60s icons like Jean Seberg with a mod striped sweater.

Sweater: Target, $5
Jeans: TJMaxx, $16
Scarf: Vintage, gift
Shoes: For sale, Kansas Couture Vintage

While really tempted to get a cute pixie cut like this, I'm afraid of looking too boyish.


Light Stealer said...

I'm tempted by getting a short haircut myself, but...I'm simply not brave enough right now! :S

I think you look lovely with longer air, but you do have a very "thin" face so I'm sure a pixie would look good as well :)


Kansas Couture said...

LightStealer --

Thanks for reading! A super short haircut is kind of a scary prospect, but I think we should both do it at some point! Why not? Hair grows back.

I really like your blog. I've added it to my list.


Unknown said...

well, a couple of months ago, i shaved the sides of my head into a horse mane-do while simultaneously dying it blue, purple and pink. in the end it was all pink when i got rid of it, i ended up getting all chopped to have the rosemary's baby look, i also dyed it auburn to make it sophisticated rather than... well, eclectic. i freaked out at first, but then went home and played around with it for a while and i ended up really liking it. it frames my face out a lot and i get a ton of complements.

you could probably work it, but i miss my hair, and i'm sure you'd miss yours, too.