Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Closet Raid: Ella

I had so much fun doing the styling for a recent article in Ink Magazine, I decided to recreate the scenario using my sister Ella as the subject. Here's how it went down: I raided her closet, surveyed the pieces with a fresh perspective and came up with a collection of spring looks for different occasions. By putting together clothes she already has in new and interesting ways, I hope to inspire further experimentation and prevent the need to buy a lot of new clothes for spring. Keep an eye out for more closet raids! I plan to strike again.

I started out by pulling anything that caught my eye because of color, pattern or texture. After sorting the items into piles of shirts, dresses, bottoms and jackets, I started building looks one by one.

A sampling of the shoe selection.

At Work: Casually Cute
Because Ella works as a pre-school teacher, comfort is key. But that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice style. This look features a short-sleeved navy blazer layered over a vibrant fuchsia v-neck tee, khaki capris with brasstone button details, a pair of cute, comfy leopard flats and a lightweight, multi-colored scarf as a finishing touch.

A Day Out: Easy Chic

For an afternoon downtown with friends, we kept it simple. This look features a textured robin's-egg-blue mock turtleneck, a denim skirt with trendy exposed zippers, a colorful stone necklace and a pair of red peep-toes that really pop.

A Night Out: Sleek & Sexy

Perfect for a night out on the town, this look features a fluttery patterned top tucked into a simple black pencil skirt, a bold oversize belt and a pair of pretty turquoise peeps.

The aftermath! I have a knack for wrecking closets.

My styling assistant, Oslo.


alissa said...

i need this! but my closet might just be too small!
if you're ever in KC and feel like a project let me know haha

Light Stealer said...

You're sister is really cute! :)

Btw, I'd seriously need to do this as well! :S

Light Stealer said...

Erm, YOUR sister...
*emabrassed eyes*

Anonymous said...

wow! this inspires me to attempt my own closet! :]

Kansas Couture said...

Though I'd love to raid all your closets, vicki.lynn makes a great point! You can do this yourself by trying to toss aside opinions about your clothes and go-to outfits. Try to look at what you've got from a new perspective. Make piles of categories, and experiment with new combinations. You'll be surprised by what you already have!

Kansas Couture said...

Ahhh Very nicely done, my sister!!I think I like sexy night out the best! And I know you could not have done it without your assistant (Oslo)! It was fun!