Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weardrobe Conference, Day 2!

The second day of the Weardrobe Conference started with a quaint outdoor brunch at Eat Records, courtesy of Fred Flare! We enjoyed generous wedges of frittata (which always reminds me of my Italian host mother's dismay at the American habit of "eating frittata for breakfast"; Italians consider the eggy dish a dinner entree), muffins with tart rhubarb spread, coffee with warm foamed milk (Rich made fun of me for being so excited about the milk. What can I say? I'm an excitable gal, especially when it comes to anything coffee-related) and more. The dining area was like a secret garden with its worn brick walls, wayward vines and filtered sunlight ... a little oasis tucked away from the city.

Then, we headed across the street to Fred Flare for some shopping. The ladies were super sweet and excited to have us at the store. I scored some plaid wool shorts to wear over tights, a braided gold chain necklace that I've already worn twice and some killer vintage-inspired shades.
The Glamourai shopping shades at Fred Flare. Picture from

Continuing our shopping spree, we visited Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg - an enormous thrift store filled with vintage treasures. Because of our busy schedule, I didn't have time to give the place a proper scouring (I'm a slow thrift shopper), but I did leave with a vintage lace dress that you'll see soon.

Next stop: Buffalo Exchange, a lovely sponsor of the Conference. They were so very kind and happy to have us. I bought a velvet dress that I wore today (outfit post coming soon). Thanks, guys!

To finish up our afternoon shop-a-thon, we visited Artists and Fleas, an eclectic marketplace with everything from quirky vintage hats to fine handmade jewelry.

All shopped out, we headed to Third Ward for a DIY session courtesy of PacSun. They gave us all jeans and supplies to customize them. I was floored by the level of creativity of my fellow bloggers... and by my utter inability to place studs in a straight line. Look out for an outfit post with my imperfect but cool jeans in the near future.

Finally, we dined at the Fat Hippo with lovely ladies from Gilt Groupe. The company and the fare were equally divine. Family-style courses of artfully arranged food just kept coming and coming! Everything from beet and blue cheese salad to sliders.

Some of us had planned to hit the town after dinner, but after such a full day, we opted for a girls night in (Rich was there too) at the HQ. A couple glasses of wine, a slice of key lime cheesecake and hours of conversation later, it was nearly 2 am. Time for bed!


Jessica Quirk said...

Katy! I miss you! I am still in a bit of shock that we were hanging out just two days ago. Hope to see you again soon!!!

Lexie said...

such fun times! i like those studded jeans!

also i like the idea of a braided gold chain ... i wanna see this!

saray said...

sounds like sooo much fun!!