Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

Top: Vintage via Goodwill, $3 // Shorts: Vintage, thrifted, $3 // Shoes: Vintage, thrifted, $1.50

It was such a treat to have Monday off, and I made the day even sweeter by whipping up some yummy pina coladas for a few friends. I'm generally not a fan of super sweet drinks, but I learned just how good this pineapple and coconut concoction could be when I went to Mexico in March.

Whenever I wear these shorts, I think they look fine until I see them in pictures. The search for a perfect pair of denim cut-offs will continue, but on Monday it didn't matter. I hadn't a care in the world, and frumpy shorts were not going to get me down.

After this weekend, it officially feels like summer, and I couldn't be happier. Bring on the breezy dresses, backyard parties, cold cocktails and days at the lake!

Did you have a long weekend? Do anything fun?


Libby G said...

i've been on the hunt for perfect denim shorts forever too and i finally found a good pair at old navy. i couldn't find them online but they weren't on sale or anything so they must be brand new in the store. they are rolled at the bottom and the length is just right. i haven't seen myself in pictures wearing them yet, but i think they're pretty cute! :)

Learning said...

I love that top! It's so adorable with the stripes into a V and bow tie shoulders!

kate gabrielle said...

I LOVE that top! I'm pretty sure my grandmom has one like that from the 70's.. now I'm going to have to see if I can swipe it from her closet without her noticing ;-D

Also I think the shorts are very cute! :)

Samantha Manzella said...

So cute. I love how you can look so effortlessly put together, even on chill days. I'm very, very jealous of that adorable top...and the pina coladas. Summer can't come soon enough for me. :)

Unknown said...

I love these shorts on you! I always thing higher-waist and slightly longer length than booty shorts avoids the hoochy look that is so so easy with denim shorts

out of order said...

aye yay yay this is so cute! I love that striped top, it seems like stripes is the thing of the day today!

even though it's raining here, I kind of want a pina colada now, thanks a lot ;)


Kristin Wyly said...

Awesome look. Getting an intense summer vibe! Exciitiiing

Whitney 'Nic' James said...

i love this look! summery and light! and the shorts look great :-)


Short Sister Style said...

Cute look! The tank is especially fun.

Rachel said...

So precious! Love it all. If you can find someone who'll sew for you, there are loads of great new high-waisted shorts patterns out now.

Lauren said...

Oh how summery you look! I know your feelings on denim shorts. I've never been able to find a pair that I've truly loved.

Mmmm, pina coladas! I love them. I wish I could hop in that picture & take a sip of the one your holding!

My BF & I went to Cedar Point amusement park. We went to the water park section of it & rode the lazy river alllll day. :)

<3 L

Anonymous said...

Adorable outfit! You should post a how-to on your pina coladas!