Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'm without a camera at the moment, so here is today's outfit in bits and pieces. I'll have to wear it again sometime to give it proper documentation. Hope you're having a wonderful week!


Annie L said...

Love the bow necklace and boots.
The snippets are cute; instagram?

Jennifer King said...

I think this totally works! Besides, it's good to vary up the photos every once in a while. Love the knee high socks with the boots!


Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

It looks pretty damn cute.

The Semi Sweet said...

I love these little snippits. That necklace is super cute, as is that polka dot sweater.

Anonymous said...

I saw that sweater at f21 and thought about getting it. It is so cute on you!

<3 Rachel

Kansas Couture said...

Thanks, ladies!

@Annie L - Yep, Instagram. Isn't it the best?

Anonymous said...

oh i love that you took photos this way...cute.