Monday, November 12, 2012

Take Two

As it cooled down on Friday, I made some adjustments to my outfit for the evening. After swapping the short skirt for a velvet jumper and the heels for some ankle boots, I actually liked this version better! It felt more comfortable and more me.

Sporting two versions of the same outfit got me to thinking about my process of getting dressed. Even when I'm wearing a mostly neutral outfit, I just can't stand to go without some hint of color (in this case the socks). While I'm a firm believer that you can combine any neutrals, I do like to use accessories to tie them together. This outfit is mostly black, but I wanted to wear brown shoes, so I tied them in with a warm-toned accessory (the headband). I certainly don't consider these rules. It's just what works for me!

Shirt: Ann Taylor, thrifted
Dress: Target, thrifted
Shoes: Courtesy of Wanted
Headband: Target

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