Friday, August 30, 2013

Omaha Fashion Week

When Visit Omaha kindly contacted me about attending Omaha Fashion Week, I was excited for the opportunity but didn't really know what to expect! I love seeing what the Midwest has to offer fashion-wise, so I went in with an open mind. Let me say that I was blown away by the scale of this event! Think expansive white tents, a never-ending runway, red carpets, hundreds of attendees and innumerable regional designers. When one of the hosts mentioned that this is the fifth largest event of its kind in the country, I believed it! Here are three of my favorites from the finale event.

Susan Ludlow for Designs by Suey
 When I heard this designer's introduction, I thought it might be a good opportunity to freshen my drink. Children's clothes... crocheting... just not my thing. Boy, am I glad I didn't leave my seat! These were intricately crafted, whimsical works of art! And the kids with their wild punky hair were awfully adorable.

Juantiesha Christian for SuShe by J.
 As you may know, I'm more than a little bit partial to vintage fashion. This collection, with its Gatsby-era inspiration, had my name all over it. But beyond that, I was so impressed with the designer's ability to present pieces that felt fresh, modern and original, all while paying homage to the past. Not kitschy or costume-y... just gorgeous! It felt high-end yet accessible, and it was expertly executed.

Dan Richters, VESSEL
The well-deserved winner of the show! At once ancient and futuristic, this designer's otherworldly creations looked like they stepped off the screen of a sci-fi movie. I didn't really look at them as clothes, but more as elaborate, perplexing and breathtaking sculptures walking down the runway. It was a treat to witness this caliber of work.

Thank you to Visit Omaha for the lovely weekend!

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