Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Gorgeous Gorge

I recently had the pleasure of attending a dear friend's lovely wedding! While packing for my trip, I had the hardest time figuring out what to wear for the occasion... The weather was unpredictable and included the possibility of rain. The setting was on the rugged side. My tiny suitcase limited my footwear options. Plus, there's the pressure of wanting to look my best for special events! Luckily, the affair wasn't too formal, so I went with a low-key look, including a long-sleeved dress I've had forever, a trusty wool hat and comfortable boots. It ended up fitting the bill nicely! Knowing that packing is not my strong suit, I've been trying to avoid over-thinking it these days. Of course, what really mattered that day was not the clothes, but celebrating a beautiful relationship. Besides, that backdrop would outshine any outfit!

Dress: Anna Sui for Target
Shoes: Courtesy of Wanted
Hat: Vintage
Bracelet: Forever 21
Rings: Various

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