Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vinyl Vednesday, Volume 23

Vol. 23
The Record: Beta Band, The Three E.P.'s
The Refreshment: Dirty Vodka Martini

I wasn't familiar with this band or record, so cocktail inspiration didn't come easily. After scanning the track list, "Dry the Rain" caught my eye and got me thinking about dry drinks. Rather than inventing something, I went with a vodka martini. Though I'm not a big fan, it's definitely a good drink to have in your cocktail arsenal. 

Dirty Vodka Martini
Shake the following with ice: 2 oz of chilled vodka (or gin), a dash of chilled Dry Dolin Vermouth* and a dash of olive juice. Don't be lazy with the want it to be ice cold. Pour, add olives and enjoy!

*A friend of mine taught me that high quality, chilled vermouth is essential for a good martini. 

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