Friday, June 19, 2015

Sips and Sounds, Volume 17

Vol. 17
The Sip: Pink Punch
The Sound: Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday

Despite appearances, this drink is not overly complicated or overly sweet. I simply got carried away with the garnishes! With Nicki Minaj as my muse, I knew it had to be over-the-top and, well, PINK. It turned into a sort of candy craft project. Recipe below (including instructions for the optional garnishes)!

In a large glass, combine several pieces of the fruit of your choice (I used seedless watermelon cubes and raspberries), 1 oz vodka, 2 oz sparkling lemonade (bonus points for pink lemonade) and 3 oz rosé wine and stir. Add ice and enjoy!

Optional Garnishes:

Rim - I put corn syrup along the rim of my glass and dipped it into nerds.
Flower - I cut petals out of bubblegum tape and affixed them to a pink lollipop using corn syrup.
Twist - Wrap a piece of bubblegum tape around the handle of a wooden spoon and slide off.

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