Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Travis' look gets an update.

For the Record: Travis was a willing participant in this "makeover." There is absolutely nothing wrong with his "Before" look. I just wanted to demonstrate the difference a few small changes can make to your overall appearance.


Travis' usual look consists of a button-up shirt, his favorite Levi's, a light jacket and his Adidas.


I added a tie and v-neck sweater to the standard button-up, kept the same jeans and swapped the sneakers for some polished lace-up boots.

I replaced the jacket with a black hoodie, plaid peacoat and red scarf.


Dan Bear said...

where did you find that peacoat and those boats?! i've been searching the earth for my dream peacoat. fantastic!

Anson the Ornery said...

Katy are those your clothes Travis is wearing? The genes have to be a least. He does look great in them.

Kansas Couture said...

Dan Bear - The peacoat is from Target. Go get one! They also have nice looking plain black peacoats at Old Navy if you want something more classic. The boots are a lucky find from the Antique Mall.

Anson - No, those are his jeans! They're not even that tight. I think he looks great in them too.

Anson the Ornery said...

I think he looks great in them too.