Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Necklace, Four Ways

This distinctive Urban Outfitters studded jersey necklace is on loan from the weardrobe closet. I styled it up in four very different ways. Goes to show all the things you can do with a single piece. Which one is your favorite?

1} boyish charm
2} girly girl
3} rocker edge
4} maritime motif


Lexie said...

i think i like it with the girly girl outfit the best!

Unknown said...

I like the first one. Really cool necklace.

piglet said...

I saw the first one and thought "oh I like that"
Then the second one, "hmm ok I'm a bit torn now"
Then the 3rd and the 4th I loved as well.
I might go for the nautical one as my favourite. (But I'm still a little torn)

T. Carl Hardy said...

Maritime motif!

mro said...

I actually really love your cut up leggings...I have not seen a pair of ripped leggings (either on the runway, on celebs or on the street) that I've actually liked until these. I think the consistency and symmetry helps....did you style them youself?

- stylefyles.tumblr.com

Light Stealer said...

Girly girl...& rocker edge!!

Kansas Couture said...

Thanks guys!

Glitter Girl -

Yes, the leggings are DIY. I just took a pair of old leggings and made cuts down the front. :)

art lover said...

the rocker one is great!


myedit said...

I'm kinda torn on which one I like best too... if I was hard pressed I would say the first one. But your hair looks great.

Lilli said...

I love the addition of a nice blazer. Super cute! I tagged the balzer outfit on my blog, Thanks!