Monday, October 25, 2010

Candy Striper

Dress: Forever 21 via Plato's Closet, $10 // Tights: HUE via TJMaxx, $5 // Shoes: Courtesy of Famous Footwear // Necklace: Vintage, $6


Anonymous said...

I sent you email, loving the posts <3

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Charmalade said...

I'm a sucker for stripes; this outfit is simple yet classic. I love the fun pattern!

Toast with Charmalade

Anonymous said...

I love the colors of this dress, they are unusual and eye catching.

Leah Brunner said...

ahhh I miss Plato's closet! great dress!

Katie Burry said...

Aw! What a cure dress! And I really like your necklace!! <3

Don't you just love Plato's Closet?? Some of my favorite pieces have come from there. :D

~ Katie

TresLunas said...

I love your looks!! follow me!!