Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Faraway Look

In my opinion, accessories are the most important part of a summer wardrobe. As the temperature rises, clothing options dwindle, so the fashion-forward gal really has to rely on accents to keep her ensembles interesting. My sponsor, A Faraway Look, specializes exclusively in charming vintage accessories. Check out their beautiful collection!


Unknown said...

Those pieces are lovely, thanks for sharing! I really didn't need another pair of shoes to lust after but those are kind of perfect... :)

Gabrielle Poshadlo said...

so is it actual vintage or just vintage-look? Either way, the collection is lovely

Kansas Couture said...

Gabrielle -

It's actual vintage.

Unknown said...

Really those pieces are lovely. I like all the stuff. Pair of shoes are just perfect.

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Dream.dezigner said...

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