Monday, March 26, 2012

Fun with Color

Shirt: Old Navy, $10 // Jeans: TJMaxx, $18 // Shoes: Old Navy, $16 // Belt: Came with a dress // Bracelet: Forever 21, $9

I combated the Monday blues by adding several jolts of color to my outfit in the form of a yellow belt, red jeans and neon sandals. The gorgeous 80-degree day certainly helped to keep my mood light, too.


JennaStevie said...

Bright colours are the best way to combat the blues. I love the pants and the pattern on your blouse is fantastic

lauraa said...

this is such a gorgeous outfit. The bright colours look so perfect with the monochrome top. I always feel like a colouring box wearing primary colours, but you do it so well

Natasha Fatah said...

You look awesome! Love these hits of colour!


Callie said...

I think the colors are such a fun touch. Warm weather is the perfect excuse for it. Those sandals are beyond adorable - I'll have to keep them in mind while I'm doing my spring and summer shopping!


The Jones said...

That is the best way to feel perkier...esp when your bright colour are such a saturated red and yellow, so cheery! I'm loving the floaty fit and fabric of that top.

<3 Cambria

Allie said...

Love the pants and the belt--I've been obsessed with waist belts this week. I want a yellow one now!


girl in the poodle shoes said...

LOVE this outfit, especially the neon belt and colored denim :)

Girl in the Poodle Shoes

Jamie Rose said...

Such a colorful, fun outfit! The yellow sandals are perfect with your coral-colored jeans.

ellen. said...

love this outfit- great use of the colored denim trend. So great- makes me smile

Lily said...

You look awesome! Love your jeans!