Thursday, January 24, 2013

Creature Comforts

This is an outfit I've worn a few times this winter, partially because I think it's cute but mostly because it's insanely comfortable! Every piece is either stretchy, loose, soft & fuzzy, or some combination of those qualities. Also featured is my lazy girl's top knot. I just put my hair in a high ponytail and do a loop -- no pins necessary. What was that I said in my last post about not being a slacker? I can't remember.

Don't forget! Tomorrow is the last day of my Kansas Couture Vintage clearance sale! 40% off everything with coupon code CLEARANCE. Any remaining items will be removed in preparation of my relaunch. 

Sweater Dress: H&M
Blouse: ModCloth
Socks: Gift
Boots: Courtesy of BC Footwear

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