Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vinyl Vednesday, Volume 21

Vol. 21
The Record: Guided by Voices, Mag Earwhig!
The Refreshment: Bomb in the Bee-Hive

For this week's drink inspiration, I looked to the track listing of the record and immediately honed in on "Bomb in the Bee-Hive." Not only do I love bees, it also sounded like a proper cocktail name. Here's the recipe, followed by an amended version that I recommend!

Bomb in the Bee-hive
Muddle a shot of rye whiskey with a dribble of honey and a couple of orange wedges. Add ice and fill the glass with soda water. Top with several dashes of bitters. Stir and enjoy!

While this version was yummy, I realized I much prefer this combination of ingredients as an Old Fashioned-style sipping beverage. Follow the same steps but skip the soda, and use one large ice cube instead of regular ones.

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