Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Vinyl Vednesday, Volume 22

Vol. 22
The Record: Real Estate, Days
The Refreshment: Coconut Jalapeño Margarita with Smoked Salt Rim

This record ended up being a bit too mellow for a close listen in my opinion. It makes beautiful background music and has a couple really special, standout tracks though. The hazy, beachy tone inspired a summery cocktail with a bit of kick. See the recipe below!

Coconut Jalapeño Margarita with Smoked Salt Rim
Rim a glass with smoked salt. Shake the following with ice: 1.5 oz jalapeno tequila*, 1.5 oz unsweetened coconut milk, 1.5 oz tripel sec and 1 oz lime juice. Pour and enjoy!

*This is super easy to make. Just slice up some fresh jalapenos and let them soak in a jar of tequila. Be careful -- it gets really hot really fast! I would recommend testing it after a few hours.

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