Friday, June 12, 2009

Running with Scissors

I really shouldn't be allowed to use scissors unsupervised. This poor shirt has been through so much, it hardly counts as a shirt any longer. It was originally a Target XL t-shirt that I thought would look cute over leggings or something. Not so much. So then I just cut a ton off the bottom, and it became an oddly wide short shirt. After taking the scissors to it one last time, I think I finally came up with something I'll wear. I cut the sleeves off and fashioned it into a loose racerback. I obviously have to wear another shirt underneath it, but I like the layered look.
Shirt: Target, $5 // Jeans: Almost Famous, TJMaxx, $20 // Shoes: Lela Rose for Payless


Kyla said...

Love the stripes over the floral and the "new" tank looks awesome!

C said...

I love it!! Hmm, maybe there is a t-shirt waiting to be scissored in MY closet!!

art lover said...

scissors and me don't go well together as well. my shoes and my coats weren't saved from this act of "creativeness".. hehe..

i like your blog! =)

-Liane (

Light Stealer said...

I'd say - if this is the result - you and scissors should get together more..! ;P

I really like the stripes + florals combo.

And you have a tattoo :)
May I ask what it is..? (looks like a bee?)

Kansas Couture said...

Thanks guys! I suppose this is one of my more successful scissor projects, but I've had some failures. :)

LightStealer -

Yes, it's a bee. My mom called me "Little Bee" growing up, and she drew the tattoo, so it's really special to me.

Elaine said...

very cute! Love the floarls with the stripes.

Lexie said...

awww your tattoo is adorable!

mro said...

Love the racerback! Nice work!


gabriela kane said...

I wouldn't think you have a tattoo

Krystal said...

You totally called it! The July issue of Vogue has a special in the back about stripes and floral patterns together. I liked it when I saw their spread, but I adore the way you put this together! Lovely!

Dana (MODAna) said...

it looks great! I'm gonna go do this right now
also love that you layered it over a floral..brilliant

I love this blog