Monday, June 8, 2009

Closet Raid: Molly

As promised, I've finally done another Closet Raid! My lovely friend Molly recently graduated from KU and is going to New York City for a week before starting med school in July. Naturally, she wants to take her style to the next level for this fabulous urban getaway. With this in mind, I styled four looks using only the clothes already in her closet. While maintaining the essence of her personal style, we wanted to push the boundaries with color as well as new and interesting combinations of her staple items.


Perfect for traipsing around the city on foot--going to an outdoor market, having a casual lunch, popping into an art museum--this daytime look is all about chic comfort. Molly had not yet worn this tunic and requested that I incorporate into a look. White cotton is ideal for warm weather: light and cool, crisp and fresh, brings out your tan. I thought, "Why not wear it as a dress?" It's summer! Show of those gorgeous stems! I cinched it with a braided brown leather belt to add some shape, added trendy yet practical flat gladiator sandals and accessorized with bold, oversized earrings and simple gold bangles. Perfect for a gal on the go!

By far my favorite look of the bunch! You're well aware of my fondness of mini-skirts, but beyond that, this outfit is perfect on Molly. She's like an artsy expatriate returning from Paris with lots of stories to tell. The silhouette is fresh, modern and flatters her beautifully. The lightweight scarf and bold floral hair accessory capture her bohemian sensibility. The contrasting pops of color are a playful change of pace. Perfect for a low-key night out -- drinks at a trendy bar in Soho followed by a hip show in Williamsburg.

The combination of satiny fabrics in royal blue and rust and decadant details like ruffles and ribbons make for a rich, sensual look. The espadrilles with their ankle ties are reminiscent of the pointe shoes Molly has so often donned as a ballerina. Coupled with the fullness of the skirt, I imagine this ensemble inspiring spontaneous dancing. The brown patent belt brings it all together, and I just couldn't resist using the flower again. Hair accessories are huge right now, and they just don't have the same effect in my long straight locks as they do amidst Molly's curls.

This is Molly's signature look, so she really didn't need much help from me. She rocks the LBD like no one else! Designed for dinner at an upscale restaurant, I started with this form-fitting dress, layered on three necklaces, added a sexy lace jacket and gave the look a hint of color with some hot burgundy heels.


Victoria said...

You do closet raids?!?! Oh my goodness. You are welcome to do mine any time!

Lexie said...

i so wish you made housecalls .. to illinois! haha. i too LOVE the parisian mini look!

Megan said...

I love all of the looks you've put together!

myedit said...

Look 1 and 2 are my faves... great idea those closet raids!

T. Carl Hardy said...

LBD! LBD! Shew.

LuLu said...

What a great idea. I would love to start something like this and you have done it perfectly!! Good up the great work.