Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Your Personal Shopper: Thomas

My friend Thomas wanted to revamp his summer wardrobe and asked me to provide some shopping assistance. Though I don't consider myself a men's fashion expert, I was happy to give a few pointers. While brainstorming, it occurred to me that ladies have it much easier during the warm months. They can sport breezy dresses, fun skirts and strappy sandals, but the lads have fairly limited options for looking good while staying cool. Despite this, we managed to come up with a simple casual outfit formula. Shirt: short-sleeved vintage button-up. We hit up Wildman Vintage and found a goldmine. Shorts: cut off an old pair of jeans. Denim cut-offs have a much hipper feel than baggy cargos. I actually did the job myself...with a knife. Shoes: we opted for boat shoes as a flip-flop and sneaker alternative. They are a true classic designed for summer activities. Overall, I think we achieved a nice preppy hipster look...or hip prepster. However you want to look at it.


Lexie said...

aww what a cutie! i think boat shoes are quite appropriate for guys because really .. who wants to see guys' feet?

Anonymous said...

Thomas? Looking hip? Amazing!

Candycane said...

I like the shirt out picture! :D

RawFoodie said...

I like the look with the shirt tucked in.

By the way, I just found your blog yesterday, and have been reading your posts. Thanks for sharing.