Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Thought it's the first, I'd like to do my final Sponsor Spotlight for February. An outfit post is on the way. Promise!
You know I love a good sale, especially when it means getting a great deal on a truly high quality product. Scarpasa, a shoe boutique that specializes in stylish yet comfortable flats and heels from around the world, has some fabulous styles on sale right now.


amberly said...

Um, may I have every pair you've featured here!? Every time you wear heels in an outfit post, or since you were sponsored, you say how comfortable these shoes are! And they are incredibly CUTE!!

I really want a pair, especially if I move to the City, where walking will be my main mode of transportation :)

Learning said...

Their shoes really are fab. They are a bit expensive...but much more doable when they are on sale. I have a pair that I LOVE. They are so comfortable and well made.

- Angela


Helen said...

The sandals are perfect for all day errands. I might have to invest in those. tracychambersvintage.com