Monday, April 6, 2015

Apartment Tour: Part 1

It's a Kansas Couture first! I've always intended to do an apartment post, but I've never actually followed through. My place was never quite "perfect" enough to document with pictures. Not completely decorated, completely clean, completely organized...whatever. But I've come to realize it never will be, and that's a-okay! I've moved EVERY SINGLE YEAR since I graduated from college, so that's seven different dwellings. Historically, I've had a love/hate relationship with interior decorating. Between my shoestring budget, notions of what I think my apartment "should" look like (versus the reality) and my lack of natural organization skills, I would get really frustrated and eventually give up before I felt the place was complete. Then, each time I moved, I would have grand plans/delusions for my new digs...only to fall back into the same pattern. Though my latest apartment is not perfect, I feel better about it than any of my previous ones. In fact, I love it! Because I relocated to a new city, I had a very strong nesting urge, which caused me to put a lot of energy into creating a home. Now that I'm getting older, I feel less of a need to fit in or live up to a standard. I've honed in more on my personal taste, and I trust my instincts. I go along with trends I like and ignore those I don't. Rather than trying to stick to a specific aesthetic or plan, I throw together things I love for a kitschy, colorful hodgepodge that is totally me. Here's part one of three: the living room/office!

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