Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Fashion Show

Photo by Travis Cline
Photo by Mike Yoder
 Photo by Mike Yoder
 Photo by Mike Yoder
 Photo by Mike Yoder
 Photo by Mike Yoder

Monday's fashion show was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who made the show possible (especially organizer extraordinaire Nick Ray) and those who came out to support it!

Styled by me.
Clothes: Borrowed from the Social Service League
Models: Caitlin, Thomas, Emma, Pearl, Dan, Copper
Hair and make-up: Static Salon
Jewelry: Provided by Goldmakers
Shoes: Provided by the models
Venue: Teller's

Coming tomorrow: Behind-the-scenes photos and what I wore to the show.


Miss Soggy Smog said...

Yes!!!! Wow, and congrats!!!!

tm said...

Jean skirt as strapless dress, very cool. Congrats on the show!

Mila said...

They ALL look amazing!! Great job and congratulations:D


M. said...

love the styling, everything looks so great!

lovelove, M.

manca said...

Hey. Can I ask which template do you use on this blog?

thank you xoxo

Fabulocity in Amish Country said...

That's awesome! You did a great job! :)

Katie said...

I love that denim button up dress with the long sleeved blouse underneath! Super cute!

I passed up a similar dress at the thrift store last weekend and now I am kicking myself!

Victoria said...

Amazing styles! You did a great job, as usual. :)

la cuisine bourgeois said...

oh gosh i love all the cropped pleated pants!!!! i still havent been able to find a pair that doest make me look stupid! haha. and i love the socks and heels! so cute! GREAT job!

Gabrielle said...

these are all really great, you have a gift.

Tari said...

CONGRATS! They look fantastic!

ilovemytime said...

Love the 4th look. Those pants look great with socks

Style Is Personal said...

I love Pearl's outfit and am really inspired by it!

This one:

patty said...

I can totally see you rocking the fourth outfit! :)

Kansas Couture said...

Patty - I kept the trousers for myself, so you may very well be seeing me in a similar outfit. :)

Orchid Grey said...

wow, looks 4 & 5 are AMAZING, I would wear both in a heart beat! I'll be spending my weekend looking for clothes to reconstruct #4 specifically.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you styled the show. I've been totally obbssesed with denim lately. How much money did you guys end up raising for Haiti? Are you donating any of it to Chile?

amanda said...

wow, you did a phenomenal job styling the models. i've gotten so much inspiration from it! can't wait to try out some of these looks this spring!