Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Closet Creativity

I wanted to submit a photo to the weardrobe florals contest, so I gathered up all my floral-print items and started to play. The first piece I grabbed was a beautiful wrap skirt my mom gave me for Christmas years ago that is too big for me. Determined to experiment, I put it on as a strapless wrap dress and cinched it with a thin belt. All of the sudden, a garment that had been sitting untouched at the bottom of my dresser was a gorgeous new spring dress! This kind of lightbulb moment is rare for me, but it serves as an excellent reminder to get creative with your wardrobe! That may mean trying a new combination, giving an old item another chance or wearing something in a new and interesting way. How do you guys get creative with your closet?

Dress: Gift
Belt: Goodwill
Necklace: Antique Mall
Shoes: Payless


Light Stealer said...

WOW - stunning! :)

I really, really need more inspiration these days, I feel like all I can think about is jeans and shirt...urgh. When I'm home in Italy with the sun it's easier, but when I'm here in Scotland I simply get lazy...


Natalie Kelley said...

ADORABLE! I love that you used a wrap skirt that is too big for you...don't you love finding new ways to wear/use dead items in your closet? Super cute idea!

Anna said...

Very cute and innovative! <3