Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Happy Earth Day Reminder

Earth day is a perfect time to reflect on the environmental benefits of vintage shopping. When we buy new items, it supports the introduction of more material goods into a world already overflowing with stuff, not to mention manufacturing processes that cause significant damage to the planet.

Buying vintage allows you to take advantage of all the rad stuff already in existence. As icing on the cake, it helps to create distinctive, one-of-a-kind style. How satisfying is it to say, "It's vintage" when someone asks, "Where did you get that?" with envious eyes?

As you all know, I buy my fair share of new items from not-so-eco-friendly retailers, but I aspire to do so less. If you take the time to look, thrift stores harbor countless treasures. And if combing through racks and racks to find a few gems doesn't float your boat, try vintage shopping on Etsy and eBay. The sellers on these sites do all the hard work for you! Sorry if I'm preaching to the choir or stating the obvious. I'm done now. Happy Earth Day!

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