Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dandelions & Tornado Sirens

This is what I wore yesterday (amidst ominous sirens, house-shaking thunder and flashes of lightning!). My mom brought me this embroidered tunic from Mexico a few years back. This will be the first spring/summer I get any use of it because I always thought it was too big. Oh, how much I have learned. And, yes, I'm wearing leggings as pants. I know it's an oft-misused and much-hated practice, but it just felt right this time.

Top: Gift
Leggings: Old Navy, $5
Feather earrings: Claire's, $8
Shoes: Payless


Lexie said...

i think you make the leggings-as-pants look just fine! that tunic is beautiful, and i cannot believe those shoes are payless!

Dinosaur said...

This is adorable. You are one of the 5 people in Kansas I will allow to wear leggings as pants. Permission granted! You are welcome!

Everyone else: I don't want to see your lumpy butts and panty lines! Cover it up!

Thanks for the advice by the way. The person I talked to at KU was dressed like she was going to a picnic in Mississippi in 1982, so I don't think her advice should be taken seriously.

Kyla said...

I love this look and I think you're rocking the leggings. They're mostly only bad when paired with a North Face fleece and Uggs (college town uniform, apparently).
Anyway, you look awesome and this is a beautiful picture.

Steph Barnard said...

Leggings as pants are totally fine with a longish shirt, which you have. Love the blog. :)

Emz said...

Oh I love your outfit! Those shoes are so cute I need someeee! haha

piglet said...

You pull off the leggings as pants look well. I think the tunic is just the right length to get away with it.

Kansas Couture said...

Thanks guys! I feel a bit better about the leggings now. I'm definitely of the mind that if your ass is covered, you're good.

Niki said...

i agree with the leggings as pants thing. . . as long as the shirt is long enough to avoid camel-toe i think it's definitely entered the realm of acceptable - i mean it's been around since 2005 at least and it's still going strong. but yeah i remember the whole leggings with uggs & northface thing at KU - ick.

although i must admit besides being fashionable they're super comfy!