Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Easy Piece

     This is yesterday's outfit. I'm so bad at keeping a regular blog schedule! Anyway, it was warm enough (even when I left for work in the morning!) that I didn't have to worry about usual chilly weather considerations like tights and appropriate shoes. I started with a simple dress with great color and shape and added a few accessories -- a patterned neck scarf, a bright skinny belt and some emerald green peep-toes. Done! I love spring!
     Another effect of warm weather is bare toes, and I really need to do something about mine. I got my first pedicure for my birthday. It was lovely, but I neither repainted nor removed the polish as it chipped off. I don't own any nail polish or remover. What kind of girl am I? Oh yeah, the kind that hates anything with a chemical smell and prefers natural products. Well, I might have to invest in one little bottle of something bright. It sounds fun.

Dress: Century 21, $25
Scarf: Vintage, thrifted, $2
Belt: Came with a F21 dress
Shoes: Lela Rose for Payless


CRDonnelly said...

Katy-- how can you not own any nail polish?? I have hundreds! Take some, please! :)

Rain said...

Wow...great outfit! I love purple...and it really suits green! (your wonderful peep toes!)


Danielle said...

I love all the accessories you put with this gorgeous dress!!

Jessica Quirk said...

I love how you put this together!

Unknown said...

the purple dress and the scarf look fabulous and add the yellow belt on top it, mind blowing. I too want try yellow with purple am not too sure if i can as great as u do.

Kansas Couture said...

Thanks everyone!

God Made Me fuNky -

You should definitely try the color combo! Just add a small touch of one to the other. You'll look great.

Unknown said...

that dress is amazing!!!

Lexie said...

i love the fit of your dress! and the contrasting belt really completes the look!

Anson the Ornery said...

I'm sitting in my humid room and thinking how a boy can dress cool and still look cool. You should do a post about that. Just us Travis as your model.

Jaclyn said...

I just came across your blog. I love it. I really like your style.

Gia said...

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