Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I'm really terrible about getting rid of clothes. On one hand, I'll hang onto stuff that I haven't worn for years. On the the other, I've given items away and truly regretted it later. Either way, I agonize way too much over the decision to keep or donate. I recently attempted to do a spring closet clean-out with moderate success. Two of the items I'm wearing in this look--the skirt (worn as a sleeveless top) and the white pants--were in the giveaway pile. I hadn't worn the skirt in years but was keeping it for sentimental reasons. The pants I picked up for $5 at Urban Outfitters during the Sidewalk Sale last July, and they still had the tag on them. In the end, I decided to keep both items. But I have a rule for myself: I have to justify keeping garments that almost didn't make the cut by wearing them immediately! So I put together this look, and I really like the way it turned out. The floral print and white pants make it feel springy, but it's still appropriate for the not-so-springy weather we've been having. Also, I'm apparently really digging wearing skirts as anything but a skirt. How do you guys clean out your closets? How do you decide what stays or goes?

Shirt/Skirt: Arizona Trading Company //Cardigan: Gift //Pants: Urban Outfitters, $5 //Wooden tassel necklace: Creation Station, $2 //(Invisible) Shoes: alice+olivia for Payless


alissa said...

i have to be in the right mood. i actually took this afternoon off and cleanded my closet - have to be in a 'you havent worn it in months...OUT' mood - or i get all sentimental and wannabecreative and think ill wear it all again.
i took two bags outta there:)now i need to find a clothing swap to take them too! if you hear of one in lawrence let me know

Kyla said...

I use the "band-aid" approach. Do it really fast and never look back. If I can't remember the last time I wore it (i.e. over a year) it's outta here.

I love this outfit. I never would have known the top was a skirt. Very cute.

j.nes said...

I always say I'm going to clean out my closet...but with 2 younger sisters, who roughly wear the same size as me, the 'give.away' clothing just kinda recycles through all our closets and never really goes anywhere!

I'm for sure a firm believer in converting clothes like your skirt top! ...I've been changing all my cute ethnic patterned halter tops (HATE halter tops but I'm a sucker for a cute tribal pattern) into skirts by cutting off the top part

Rachael said...

Great move keeping the pants, they're fab. I'm ruthless when it comes to my wardrobe. Items have to earn their place in it by fitting well, making me feel good and mixing successfully with at least three other items. Otherwise - eviction! I've never gotten rid of anything and regretted it.

HadleyEG said...

Katy! I had that skirt and I used to love it! I wish I had thought of your excuse to keep it. It usually takes me a few days to get downtown after I've done a sift through my closet, which is a nice way to give myself looooots of time to think about it.